Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chicken Kabab night.



I broke out the GRILL tools once again. We soaked chicken in Italian Dressing for 48 hours and then Friday night we cut them up and KABOB time! We also cut up zucchini and onion and red pepper and succulent pineapple. I place them on skewers and then mounted on my NEW GRILL WOK. By the way did I say how much I like this new addition to my GRILL TOOLS? Anyway... after about 1/2 hour we served them up with some chips and peach salsa to boot. Whole family loved it. Compliments to the chef... ME! LOL. I am enjoying dinner time with family and my daughter is having her whole world and eyes opened to different foods.

P.S. The pineapple was like a fruit gushers candy.


Gerri said...

YUMMY!!!! So when are inviting us over again??? I'm digging the asparagus too. ;)