Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning...


It's that time again... Yep cleansing time. Today I start my four day cleansing fast as part of my Ultimate Body Makeover Lifestyle Plan. This is designed to gently cleanse my insides for a better functioning and healthy ME. I am going to do fruits and veggies today and some juice and water for a couple more days after. This will be my second round of this lifestyle 13 week plan. It is recommended that between all the take out food, eating out at restaurants and other junk we put into our bodies on accident, let alone on purpose, we do a fast to cleanse our digestive tract every 3-4 months. So I am doing just that. I know last time I cleansed I felt great afterward. It wasn't as hard as I imagined. Actually, when you realize the reward, the sacrifice is really menial. So today I started my day with my ecstatic daughter Aliyah begging me to help me make juices with our awesome Champion Juicer. We had so much fun squooshing the fruit and veggies into juice, as Aliyah calls it. We followed up with coring some apples and placing them in a crock pot for later when we will make apple butter. It feels good to be teaching my daughter some good health habits. And she loves the juice!


Fresh Mommy said...

You're doing awesome!! I'm so proud of you!


Gerri said...

I SO am going to start juicing again! This week!