Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 89 - Journey

Had a great Ultimate Body Makeover Party Thursday. People everywhere wanting to regain a healthy lifestyle. Loving life. I have been tweeking my diet since last week and definitely seeing some great results. I am really excited to hit February strong with good habits and start SEEING my results. God has really given us some amazing bodies that will respond to the right things. We just need to search and find what each of our bodies really likes.

I suggest the following if you are struggling:
#1 - Be sure to get your water everyday. (Most Americans in the U.S. walk around dehydrated)
#2 - Be sure to get your rest. (7-8 Hours sleep a night will increase your body's ability to function)
#3 - Check into your blood type and eat the SUPER food your body and blood will thrive on.
#4 - Get active. Move around more. Find ways to be more active.
#5 - Decide to stick with it! Don't give up.


Fresh Mommy said...

These are such great tips! They really do make a difference, and though simple, take determination to make them a habit. I'm excited about it though!