Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 47 - Journey (Busy day)

Well I started out very well this morning. Had a quick protein bar and some oatmeal before rushing out to take my daughter to school and go to the office. Work load was a little more than usual (many irons in the fire for this Christmas season). All good though. I would not trade my job for anything. Really it isn't a job at all. I get to impact people's lives on a daily basis. I love what I do, so really it isn't work. I digress... with another pregnancy appt looming in my head and busy paperwork to complete my wife and I heated up some soups for lunch and kept on working. The appointment snuck up on us and off we went to hurry and see the Midwife. Great talking to Jeanie our Midwife. Back to the office to round up what little we could finish before the day's end. Grab our daughter and off to search for food and get back to the Christmas recital. We ran through Taco Bell and grabbed some DIN DIN. What do you get in this case? Is there anything healthy at this fast food joint? Well you live life and roll with the punches. I tried to make a wise choice. I opted for 3 chicken soft tacos. I think I did well. Then off to the recital which, of course, was followed with refreshments and desserts. I endulged a bit then back home. Chalk it up to a 1/2 healthy day and get to bed with hopes for a little better day tomorrow. I am not condemned. I know I gave 50% today. No guilt just keeping it real. The goal is not to have a life, but to enjoy the days. I believe in moderation. If I get on the scale in 2 weeks and don't see any change with lbs or measurements, then I know I went to far with some endulgements. Otherwise, I will continue to strive to do most days in accordance with wisdom and a strong healthy balanced diet. But enjoy the treats from time to time. Work hard play hard.
You can do it.

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Fresh Mommy said...

The last few days have been so BUSY!!! woah. I'm so proud of you that you're still getting yourself up early enough to get into the gym. That takes some major commitment and you've got it!

Karl said...

Your doing good... and remember anything worth really doing will take effort, but its all part of it... keep it up others are being inspired to get going...