Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 46 - Journey (Weigh In)

I weighed in this morning. This time I approached the scale with confidence and no real expectations. I hit the scale and saw a number peering at me that rang too familiar. Not bad though just 2 lbs less than 2 weeks ago. A loss is always better than gain. I know my diet has not been perfect and won't be as for another couple weeks. I am really just trying to stay moving a little forward at time and not giving in and letting the tide of bad eating sweep me away during the Holidays. So I went home and measured myself to see if any other results would be better. I was pleasantly encouraged to find I had shrank my belly by one inch and my hips by another 1/2 inch. I also lost an inch off my thigh. So I am still happy with seeing some results. I know I am and will again face plateaus on the scale. The important thing is I am not getting bigger and secondly, even if slowly I am getting smaller. I know that I am slowly building lean muscle as well as burning excess fat. I am exciting to continue my course and make facing the new year much easier and closer to my goal. I am committed to studying my own body and the human system in general. I am becoming a better student with each week as I learn to be more healthy. each person has to find what works for them. Please comment and let me know your goals and aspirations toward a healthier body soul and spirit.

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Fresh Mommy said...

I can definitely tell that you're getting results... keep up the good work!!!

Gerri said...

Chris, I so can notice the changes. You are lookin' good my brother. I am still at 22lbs lost. I am happy but will be glad to be able to walk or do some sort of movement again. Awesome job!