Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 43 - Journey

While on visit to L.A. I really had to push through to keep with the diet. My habits kicked in to help me keep the program about 80%. Now I am home. Monday I begin my 5 day sprint to my family Christmas. I know there will be goodies there. I am planning ahead to make sure I do not de-rail my efforts. I am going to throw in some new recipes this week so stay tuned. I have not been able to keep up with my 7=8 hours of sleep since last Monday. I can feel that affecting everything. It is amazing how one little habit will snowball into other habits. The more tired I feel the less energy I have to workout and then I don't feel like putting any effort into making a good decision for my meals. Couple that with being tired and not making an effort to get the right amount of water and it is a disaster waiting to happen. I know I am here. Tonight I am deciding though. I like the way I have been feeling. I don't want to lose any momentum. I will get back on Track one habit at a time tomorrow. So tonight I prepare. I will pour my 24 oz of PH water and have it ready by my bed for when I wake up. I will have a shake mix ready on the counter for when I am ready to start the day. I have set aside some staples for my snacks (brocoli, apple, sliced turkey, protein bar) And now I am ready to go to bed and get my 8 hours sleep if possible.
The past is SO YESTERDAY. You can always start NOW. Don't be discouraged.
We can do this together. Another week lies in front of us and another few steps closer to realizing the dream of the real me and you. Healthier version me 2.0. LOL.
I have another weigh in Wednesday. I am excited to measure and see how I have been doing. I am deteremined not to let my travel days mess with my mind and results. I will get on the scale and keep moving no matter what it tells me.