Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 41 - Journey (L.A.)

L.A. has had its high points. I had a big omelette with spinach breakfast today at a pretty cool and rare place in Hollywood. The Griddle Cafe. Blues music playing... this place was lively and fun. Great time with my honey. They put french press right at the table for coffee. It was pretty big but I tried to pick a "healthier choice". When on a trip out of town... I don't really want to be tied down to a certain diet. I really can't have same choices as I do when at home. I have really been trying to just moderate some food adventures and then really make up with great choices in other meals. I have stuck to my workouts so that is a bonus for me. Usually when I have gone out of town in the past my intentions have never quite equaled my actions when it came to working out. I would always find reasons NOT to workout. So I really think this week has been successful. I have also studied more on the Blood Type this week. I am excited to implement better blood type choices for my housedhold.


Blessedbymany said...

Good for you! Way to go sticking to the plan and still being able to enjoy yourself and wife on your "babymoon"... Kellie

Gerri said...

That is the beauty of eating healthier. If gives you so many choices without the "restrictions" of only being able to eat certain things. I hope you had a wonderful time with your sweetie. :)