Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 10 - Jouney (THE CLEANSING)

I am now officially entering the Cleansing (not really eating) portion of the Ultimate Body Makeover. This is meant to be a time of reflecting on one's Spirit and getting in tune with your creator and the body HE created. It is also a time of REST for my digestive tract. God has presented examples of fasting or resting the digestive tract numerous times in the Bible. Research this and see all the benefits of resting YOUR digestive tract. It is definitely a good and GODLY plan. I am looking at this as a testament to others and myself. Not eating goes against our natural feelings. That is why I am convinced I will tap into the spiritual context of what God wants me to. I am going to be listening intently to hear his voice during this time. The awesome part is... when I am weak, He is strong. I will find my strength in God and understand that I will be reminding myself that I eat to live NOT live to eat.
We enjoy so much Blessing and surplus in the USA that we often times fail to give our spirits and bodies the attention they need. We fail to recognize warning signs and signals. My hope is that upon my completion of my 4 days of resting I will be more alive, aware and able to hear my spirit and body. When they are in harmony, that, is God's Plan or WILL. My body should be ready to receive the RIGHT kind of foods.

In light of the next 4 days I will not be exercising at the gym. I do not want to overtax my body in this time of rest. Ultimate Body Makeover Suggestion. I will still try to stay active and busy. I have a 3 year old so I am sure she will have some things I can do. :)

Have you heard of Blood Type Diet? I will be researching my blood type and the foods I should be having over this resting period so I can hit the ground running with foods my body will thrive on. More details coming soon...

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