Friday, November 21, 2008


Once again I was able to spend some valuable alone time with my daughter.  She is so cool to hang out with.  We decided to (yes we,  I asked if she wanted to go and she said yes)go to Sam's Club tonight for a little sampling of some culinary pleasures which Sam's will supply by the hundreds if necessary. Quite fascinating to watch Aliyah eat whatever was offered. She tried cold shrimp and some apple thing that didn't really appeal to me. But we had a great time.  She has started to do this thing with putting things in a line then utilizing it.  A little bit meloncholy, so it is throwing me from her usually colorful choleric self.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with my daughter.  She was on her best behavior.  I am so proud of her.  She is learning so well.  Her mother is really doing a great job teaching her by example and discipline.  She does remind me of Tabitha at the weirdest moments.  Sometimes I don't think about it til later.  But when my wife is away and working I love that I can see her through Aliyah anytime.  Miss you honey.    
P.s. tomorrow we have baby Julian coming over and Aliyah is very excited.  Also, a possible bookstore visit with the inevitable chocolate milk sidekick to a book. 


Briony said...

it sounds like a great daddy-daughter date night. the simplest of things like going to the store together can become a time of real intimacy.
i love the blue and i have that in common. i hope you all have lots of fun!

Tabitha Blue said...

I just know you and her both had such a great time! She really does love spending those moments with you and you are so wonderful with her! Brings a tear to my eyes. Miss you both so much :)