Monday, August 4, 2008

Daddy Daughter Swim Time!

I had so much fun swimming with my 20 month old daughter yesterday.  Tab had a friend over so Aliyah and I went outside to go swimming.  She has so much excitement in her facial expressions when I mention swimming.  She has a very fearless attitude when it comes to the water.  She is very confident in her parents ability to keep her afloat.  This can become tiresome. Until recently, it was very tiring to constantly hold her and go where she wanted. But about a week ago she started wanting to get in Mommy and Daddy's inner tube on her own.  They are very big and she has to use a lot of arm strength just to hold her self up.  She loved it. So we got a smaller tube for her to float in hoping she might use it.  It took her about 5 minutes to grab it then pulled it around her waist and ran to the edge of the pool and jumped to Daddy!  Absolutely fearless. So since then she really loves to swim around in her own tube.  Anyway, that brings me to yesterday. We put the hose with running water on the diving board of the pool and made a wa-wa fall.  (Aliyah's words)  She loves to swim under the cold water. ??? Crazy, but true.  We spent 1/2 hour last night just going in and out of the waterfall.  I was having so much fun with my daughter. I love those individual moments.  I am getting more of them now she is getting older.  But still she loves her Mommy  (so do I) very much and nothing will come between that bond they have.  But I am beginning to bond a little more each day.  Thank you Lord, for the family you have given me.  I am truly rich!


Tabitha Blue said...

I love it! I love the wonderful husband and father you are. Aliyah really loves her daddy and her special daddy/daughter times. I'm so proud of you for the wonderful bond you are creating. Love you babe!! xoxo