Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I was having a conversation today about the great country we live in and the future we can expect with the candidates for the upcoming Presidential Election. So many people are voicing the problems with America and all the negatives. A lot of people have been helped in their personal lives and homes and jobs and security by living in our great country but can't seem to see the forest for the trees. They have lost perspective. Now being involved with churches throughout my lifetime I have noticed a lot of similar people stating very similar responses to the church they attend or used to attend. They have found fault with one or two small areas and they desert the very thing that has been set up to help them live a better life. Why is it, we are so quick to give in to our own selfish desire? If we look for fault we will most definitely find it. We all have them. When people are involved fault will be their. Most people have perfect intentions and all too often, if not all the time, imperfect results. I have full confidence America and the Church were created with the idea of providing help to all those who wanted to take part and take advantage of it. But as Heidi Klum so eloquently says, "You are either in or you are OUT!" If you are in - get involved, do your best to contribute to making America or church a better place for all who are there. If you are out. Then leave it alone and let you actions speak for themselves don't encourage others to ex-patriot their beliefs and abandon something that is only trying to give them a better chance at a better life. Let's make our world and churches better by agreeing to look out for others before ourselves. God will look out for you when you help others.