Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Father's Day Yet!

I started out Father's Day weekend with a great time gathering with our men's tribe IRONMEN @faithcity early Saturday morning. We ate a manly breakfast of a Donna's Donut (BEST IN FLINT) and coffee. Pastor Karl Barancik rallied us with powerful word about commitment to our families and church and what we believe. After that we geared up for PAINTBALL. We had over 25 people dressed and ready to shoot at each other. The sun was shining, the temperature was right. This would be a great day to die (figuratively speaking - Paintball Death). :P. We ran and played for hours. After a long day of paintball dead bodies, we surrendered to exhaustion and headed home. Upon arriving to my home I went up the stairs into our living room to find this wonderful surprise banner awaiting me. I grinned ear to ear. My whole family, although napping at the moment, had just made my day. My 4 month old son's foot prints and my wonderful 3 1/2 going on 13 daughter's hand and footprints and name written below each one almost brought tears to my eyes. They had worked so hard to surprise me and it worked. After completing the afternoon naps my family allowed me to open my gifts. To my surprise my wife AND kids had went the extra mile this Father's Day. I opened an iPad. WOW! Unexpected to say the least. I am digging this thing. It does so much. So we plugged it in and let it charge while we went out shopping for Sunday's beach outing at the dunes. We returned and read children's books on the BluePad (nickname) and headed for bed where I enjoyed watching streaming netflix movies from the BluePad. Sunday we woke up and got ready to head out to our house of worship. Friends and family and good times. Great encouraging word for Father's that day. After church we packed into the truck and headed to Warren State Park Sand Dunes. This is the place I went as a kid and decided it was time to introduce my daughter to the wonderful world of Sand Dunes and Lake Michigan. We arrived at the beach and decided to climb the big hill first then go to the beach. I was so proud. Aliyah climbed the whole way up by herself followed by Mom(TAB) taking photos the whole way up. I myself carrying my Son Brayden in a front carrier, and about 60 pounds extra BELLY WRAP. (FAT) but we made it. Quite a site from the top overlooking Lake Michigan. We ventured our way down to the beach and set up shop with umbrella for baby Bray and blankets and towels for us all. Aliyah and I had so much fun playing in the waves and sand. We stayed and played for about 3 hours. It far outweighed my expectations of the first day my daughter would enjoy the sand dunes and Lake Michigan. We finished our day by heading up to North Pier to watch the sunset. Breathtaking to say the least. Thank you Lord for my awesome family. They make such a great addition to the beautiful earth you have created for us to enjoy. I love you TEAM BLUE!

the dune_01the dune_02



Karl said...

Wow son, great weekend for you... The family surprise paintings, and the sand dunes... enjoy this awesome responsibility each moment as it arrives, you can't get them back... redeeming the time... Blessings, dadd Bar