Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little extra help...

The blue household has gone a little greener. We put up a clothesline, we got from our local Meijer today, in the backyard. Our daughter Aliyah got excited and pitched in and helped us take her first load of clothes off the line. I am so excited to start our lifestyle changes with the entire family. We have went to cloth diapers with our newborn BRAYDEN CHRISTOPHER and we are now making the effort to dry our laundry outdoors instead of in the dryer (Can you say lower gas bill?). I have realized other potential benefits of just these small changes. Imagine this scenario... you come home after work make dinner instead of picking it up or nuking it. A conservative guess you might burn 50-60 calories making dinner. (cutting veggies, walking around the kitchen, etc...) Then, burn another 50-60 or more sorting laundry and washing diapers every other day. Then, add another 50-60 calories burned by hanging and un-hanging the laundry outside on the clothes line. Just do those three things even 3 times per week... that is 450-540 calories burned per week and if 1 pound of fat is measured at 3500 calories... one could lose 6-8lbs per year just doing these 3 small things. Couple that with the extra calories that you will NOT be taking in from fast food or take out and the extra calories you burn each day with Enlyten Calorie Burning Strips and BAM a newer you without much extra effort at all. Small changes BIG results. Don't forget the BEST bonus of all these little changes... MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. Give your family what they want... more of YOU and for more years to come.
Anyone feel like cooking dinner now? :)

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Jaina said...

I love these ideas. The fiance and I have been trying to eat healthier and make healthier eating decisions. We just planted our first garden that we are very excited about. We have been working on portion control and loading up on the veggies, making them the bulkiest part of the meal, along with lean proteins and low carb items with lots of whole grains. I feel so much better, and we enjoy prepping the food rather than just running in for take out. I would love to have a clothes line, especially during the summer months.