Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Question? Is it okay for men to play with dolls?

In this case, I say YES! Learning to love helping the princess girls in the castle with Queen Bear. Isn't she pretty. I helped the Queen get ready with her outfit today. Also helped with the carriage and horse earlier this morning. When Father duty calls... I man up. LOL. I love my little girl. She is so fun to watch... you can literally see her wheels turning and her imagination spinning. Life is good.
Excited to take family to TRADER JOE'S today. A bit of a trip but fun none the less. Might have to stop by Great Lakes for a quick stay at the play area and let Aliyah ride the carousel.


Fresh Mommy said...

You're such a great dad, and you certainly know how to man up! Had a great day with you today :)

Gerri said...

Absolutely, you can! I'm so happy you are blessed and loving life. :)