Monday, March 1, 2010


My wife and I just started back on the track to healthy living. Mostly do to lack of sleep with new little one in the house. Sleep was escaping Her and I at every turn. We are determined to stick with it and get the results we are looking for. My end results will improve in all areas of my life. I just have to stick to it. My new little man has given me such inspiration to LEAD a good healthy life. I want to give my children something to strive for and tools to be healthier earlier than I ever did. Back to the gym this morning... and water loading has begun. To be honest February was very tough. I found myself getting some bad habits back and having excuses daily to not live the knowledge I already have. It is just that... EXCUSES! So today my wife and I MARCH ON. LOL. To everyone who is pushing through also... Keep pressing. The results will catch your dedication.


Fresh Mommy said...

That's right babe!! We're on the right track and moving forward!! :)