Saturday, December 5, 2009

DAY 35 - Journey

Another day, another smile on my daughter's face. It was kind of a day off today. We lazied around in the morning, then I took my daughter for a horse and buggy ride. Not too bad. It was so cold though... That didn't make it very fun.
I love the energy I have since changing my lifestyle and diet. I have so much more GET UP AND GO with my daughter. I don't feel sluggish or anything. I am excited to enter my 6th week. I have developed a really good habit of not eating after dinner. I am used to it now. Second Nature. I know even on my days with a poor choice of food, if I can not eat late it will help me stay on track and not get "off the wagon" so to speak. Every night I abide with this habit, I come back to TRUE NORTH. I do thank the Lord for the strength to continue my changes. I know some choices/changes are me, but some things I really have to trust God to change. He is helping me to see myself as valuable. I know He loves me. I know He created me. So I know He cares and I never walk alone.
Tomorrow is SABBATH. I am so looking forward to service. I love my church. God has truly given us some awesome people at Faith City to do life with. I get to do a special song with the worship team tomorrow. I am really excited to sing it. It is a very great song by Mercy Me; "God With Us." Hope to see everyone there at Faith City.

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