Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I had one month to live I would...

My church put out this question for this week's message on Sunday. Faith City you rock!

What a great question. I immediately thought of the movie Bucket List. Funny movie. [side thought] Anyway... sometimes I don't want to think about life ending at all. Mine or anyone else. But life and death happen everyday. What would I do if I only had a month? First thing I could think of was fight for a cure. Find a way to live longer. Then I thought that is cheating. Really what do I consider most important... I know I would find a way to travel to places I have always wanted to go. Most likely I would pack up my wife and daughter and fly to a land down under.

I would spend 2 weeks there and then fly to Europe to see all the great ancient cities and history. Some may say make my peace with God... or something. Don't get me wrong... I would definitely up my conversation time with the man upstairs [God]. But I am sure of where I am going after I die. I would live what days I had left experiencing this great place God gave us to live. Just me... But those 30 days or so would be AWESOME! Everything else would grow dim compared to time shared with my family.


Karl said...

Great thots Chris... This question should be answered by everyone before they start their day... Blessings, dad Karl

Fresh Mommy said...

So good babe.... I'd be there every moment!!


Briony said...

i love questions like this...they make you think about what you really want to experience in this world. i have to say my actions would be similar to yours, i would set out to explore all the beauty i had yet to encounter and do lots of crazy things like bungie jumping and scuba diving. hahahah

if you could fall in love in 30days i'd try to fit that in there too :) hahaha