Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DAY THREE: Ephesians 1-3, Proverbs 3

Ephesians - One of my favorite books from Paul. Such an exciting time to live in. The revelation and understanding that God had us in his thoughts before we were born. He planned on us having access to all He has and all He is. I am reminded of how much God loves me. He knew I couldn't do anything on my own. So, he wanted to give me the opportunity to come and talk to Him anytime I wanted to. He made a way by ensuring I would not have to work for it.
One of my favorite portions of Ephesians is this verse "I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints" What a prayer!
We can know the HOPE [Expectation] God has for us. We can ask God to show us the plan in our future. This includes the reminder that God set Jesus above all and included us in the ABOVE ALL plan. Nothing but God is above us. Think of that! We can live above all powers and authorities in this world. We are children of God. We should never reduce ourselves to anything less than a child of God. Our original nature which draws us toward sin and its trapping no longer has power over us. We can rise above it. We need to begin to accept the new nature we have in Christ. Stop looking in awe like an outsider. Step up to the role God has called you to.
Proverbs 3 - We need to give in to the plan of God. Realize we have tried our ways and His will bring favor and blessing. Keep the words we are reading in our hearts. Meditate on them and just watch the results fly in. Trust Him.


Briony said...

This is so true, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of our true standing because our eyes are so focused on what's in front of us rather than what we know to be true.
It is a matter of stepping back and recognizing when you are allowing a circumstance or lie to define who you are, rather than who you are said to be by God.
Giving in to the plan of God is something that I desperately want to be doing but sometimes feel left wondering if I am. I know peace is found in our relationship with Him but sometimes there are moments of silence that I don't know how to respond to. Silence can be uncomfortable, I say "can be"...I know that silence is necessary at times but in a world of noise it often feels unnatural. All I know is I seek Him and pray for direction and I find that in all the times that I am wondering I am rarely nervous or anxious, I am just impatient.

Fresh Mommy said...

Sorry, I've been quite behind in commenting... but I love this reading and your insight as well. There are so many times that I really do reduce myself to live in much less than God's great hope or expectation for me. But He has so much... so much health, and joy and peace and provision!!

Anonymous said...

good stuff, it's been a while brother, update this blueblogger,