Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Day to Mourn...

This is for all those who have ever felt a loss...

Hopes and dreams will never fade
memories and the time we gave
to ourselves we join with others and laugh
or cry with the brothers and sisters we have
might have been a friend a loved one or another
another not yet arrived on earth is what I mean?
this thought, this vision, my child as a seed
with great anticipation, the birth of my dream
to have and hold and nurture my gleam
I fell short today of what I expected
no heartbeat... it could not be detected.
so today I will mourn what could have been
and look forward tomorrow to try try again


ELK said...

so sorry ...cling to each other ELK

Briony said...

wow chris...this is beautiful and hits the core
the picture you put with it is a perfect visual.
i hate that you both have experienced this pain but God will heal and restore your hearts and one day that perfect gift will come.