Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fast Couple Weeks

I got home from San Francisco and BAM! Life just kicked into high gear.  I am still heading out mornings to the gym in my effort to live a longer healthier life for myself and my family.  It is very tiring yet very rewarding.  I got on the scale yesterday and was .4 lbs from my second goal.  I have set 4 baby step weight loss goals.  Each goal reached comes with an accompanying facial hair cut. First I had a beard and lost 20 lbs and shaved into a goatee.  I have been wearing a goatee for EVER (no just seems like a while now) really about 2 months.  I am trying to keep staying the course and trusting the process.  My first 20 lbs came off in less than 30 days.  (I KNOW) But the next 20 has taken some time.  Granted I haven't been following the regimented diet these past two months as much as the very first month.  Sorry for the run on.  Anyway I am very excited because I have been measuring inches and while the weight had plateaued my inches were shrinking.  I realize though it took my a good few years to gain all the weight so I shouldn't be in such shock that it takes a while to burn it off. Enough of that back to the FASTLANE LIFE.  Speaking of life FLYING by -  My daughter, it seems, develops new vocabulary and independent thought everyday.  How life just keeps going faster.  I wonder at these times what my parents feel like.  They are pushing 70 years now.  How they must feel when seeing me and my kids and the grandkids having kids.  Don't get me wrong... LIFE is good.  Actually LIFE is GREAT!  I am loving the trials, the struggles, the laughing, the cuddles, the rain, the snow, and yes even the puddles. Life has so much to offer if you just find the proper perspective.  It is just difficult sometimes when you are trying to stop and get that PERFECT snapshot and everything seems to move so fast you missed the opportunity.  So I determine I will anticipate the PERFECT SHOTS in my life and prepare to capture the moments as they come into FOCUS.  FOCUS on the BIG PICTURE and you will never lose the DETAILS. 


Tabitha Blue said...

I love this post babe!! Good way to put it and I am so proud of you!! You are looking great, my gorgeous husband!!!!

Karl said...

Hey Bro.. Great shots and great job on wieght,, you are looking good... I can say that because I don't have issues...LOL Dad K