Friday, November 28, 2008

Personal Theme Song...

Today I was walking around the city and listening to my iPod. Every time I listen to music as I go somewhere it feels like I have created my own personal soundtrack or theme music. It is like I am watching myself in a movie. It made me think... First of all, "Man I watch a lot of movies". Anyway... if I had a song that played during my life what would it be? I have decided that there would not be just one. I would need one for every scene. Just like a movie. Some could play in multiple scenes of my life. But for the most part; each scene would be deserving of its own soundtrack. Maybe its just me, but I my mind thinks like a movie. Very visual. I always look for the tie ins to the next scenes. How does this moment relate or continue to the next. My mind likes to think ahead. A good quality at times but one that requires some discipline to no allow it to control the spontaneousness that makes life so awesome and grand dios. I like to figure out answers but even
1 answer comes with 100 new questions.
Who says life is boring? They just haven't started answering any of the questions in life. It only takes 1 decision(answer) to change the course of your entire life. You pick the music that fits best with your life. What song plays in your head when you LIVE LIFE?


Tabitha Blue said...

I totally agree... there are too many. Haha, I think it would change daily, or with mood. Hmmm, I'll have to think about that one for a bit :)

antoinette marie said...

you're parents of a toddler, so like me, it's strangely stuff like barney, abc's or something equally silly. can't seem to get rid of them, lol.

Briony said...

i love this entry chris...i am right there with you, i visualize life like a movie and being that i am obsessed with music, i can't believe that there is just one song set to be playing. not only are there songs that would play during my memories but like life...there are songs that are coming that i have yet to know but will suit my journey perfectly.

again i say...this is awesome. i've seriously thought of all of the above so many times's cool that someone else has seen it the same way.

thanks for sharing!